Tall Ship fine art photography image Luminous Sails limited from limited edition Sails Tall Ship series created by Canadian visual artist Elizabeth Hesp on the shores of Lake Ontario in Kingston, offered as interior art

Inspired by light and the extraordinary beauty of this ordinary moment

Elizabeth Hesp Introduced


The Artistic Metamorphosis

Artist and fine art photographer Elizabeth Hesp in front of her fine art frames at her Spring 2014 exhibition.

Spring 2014 Exhibition – Water, A Reflected Perspective.

Inspired by light, photography is the language I have chosen to try and create luminous visual poetry.

Elizabeth Hesp’s artistic sensibility started in the East with a paintbrush. It began with the colors and visual rhythms of tropical India, it’s dramatic monsoons and vast cultural consciousness.

This sensitivity to her environment, morphed into a conceptualized, minimalist and intimate perspective once she discovered how to look through the viewfinder and paint with a camera and lens. A self-taught photographer, her unique photographic style is a fusion of both the East and the West and is based on her journeys, both within and from around the world.

Hesp paints with her camera and light to convey a feeling more so then to convey an image. Your emotional connection to her visual perspectives is the art she strives to create each time she presses the shutter button.

The artistic vision and entrepreneurial spirit came together to open Lens Glow Creations in 2012 January and then made a big leap in 2015 to establish her one of a kind custom interior art services, Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art, here in Kingston Ontario.

Grants Recieved


Ontario Arts Council 50th Anniversary Logo


Elizabeth Hesp was a recipient of a generous Ontario Arts Council’s Grant in January 2014.

Hesp deeply appreciates the funding support of Ontario Arts Council to promote the arts in the community.


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