Art Consult

Create a lasting impression on your wall with perfectly displayed art.

Art Consult Introduced

Art Consult is professionally designed by the fine art photographer Elizabeth Hesp, to create a guided purchase process with custom display options. The value added collaborative consultation is offered to help you make an informed art procurement. This ensures 100% satisfaction when buying art from EHFA.

Buying Art for Personal Use

You want to enjoy and appreciate your limited edition prints or canvases in mint condition, in the many years to come. As an investment or just because you love it!

• Buying the fine art print or canvas is your first step to possessing and appreciating fine art photography. That is the easy part.

• Mounting, framing and displaying your newly purchased art is the next step and serves to accessorize the art.

An Art Consult helps you make the right choices to suit your personal tastes and your decor style.

Buying Art for your Client

When buying art for your client, you require artwork that satisfies the design aesthetics of your project and is within your project guidelines and budget.

• You need the interior art to complement your design plan, creating the maximum visual impact for the space. The essential wow factor.

• You expect the interior art to complete your design vision. A vital element for your design project.

The Art Consult process guarantees your successful interior art purchase from EHFA.

What is an Art Consult?


It is a 3 Step Guided Purchasing Process

Don’t let the process of buying art intimidate you. We look forward to helping you find your art today and customizing the display options. Let us make your art purchase from EHFA, an enjoyable one.

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