Art for Business options for branding with interior art from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art by Canadian fine art photographer Elizabeth Hesp

Art for Business


Art for Business Service Introduced

Communicate your corporate vision with the universal language of the visual arts.

Art for Business designed by Elizabeth Hesp, is a value based service from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art.  The service promotes your professional or corporate vision within your business or professional space with a cohesive visual display of interior art.

Whether you buy a single piece or multiple pieces of interior art, whether you are a start-up, a small business owner or a corporation, you will benefit from the custom options designed to make EHFA’s interior art accessible for different budgets.

Custom Interior Art Solutions building a Cohesive Brand Identity.

Incorporate original fine art photography as interior art, to suit your corporate space and interior design. Be guided in selecting and displaying the art on your wall, creating a custom art installation that reflects your professional or corporate identity.

Your investment in interior art will promote conversations with your clients. This authentic engagement will create a subliminal connection that will leave a lasting impression about your professional or corporate values in your client’s minds.

Art for Business benefits


• Unify the look of your professional office or business space.

• Connect and engage better with clientele about your business values.

• Promote a creative work culture for your employees.

• Communicate your corporate identity within your community.

• Introduce with art the humane connection into bland workspaces.

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