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How Interior Art creates connection & engagement with your clients in your Business space:

Have you ever felt bored waiting for any length of time in the reception area of a bank, or an insurance company or dentist’s office?  Then you must recollect focusing on the large, abstract, fine art canvas behind the reception counter at the dentist’s office or the series of framed botanicals prints on the wall next to the waiting area at the insurance company?

Do you remember feeling, instantly involved and at ease visually engaging with the artwork? Did you wonder why it is there and what is the relation between the art and the bank or insurance company or dental professional you are visiting? That’s where the association starts in you, the client’s mind between the interior art and the business.

How Interior Art creates a lasting impression of your brand or professional value:

Did you like the artwork? If you did, you may have inquired at the reception and asked a few questions about the artwork on the walls.

You may have learnt, how the business supports the arts and the culture scene in the community, from the friendly bank teller or from the animated receptionist. You must have felt a connection with the values and identity of the company you were doing business with – taking away a lasting positive impression of your bank or insurance company in your mind. Priceless.

Or you may have had a lively conversation with your dentist, about why he likes contemporary abstract art and his favorite color being blue. You may have not noticed the minutes go by, while you got your filling done! After all with such engaging artwork on his office walls, he seemed humane enough to put you at ease! That is the lasting personal impression that you left with, instead of just a new filing……Impressive.

Imagine this happening for your own Business or Professional practice.

Why invest in fine art photography displays for your business spaces?

Research has proven creativity brings the touch of humanity into any given environment.

Art is an universal language that communicates across all social, ethnic and economic barriers, creating a human connection in all situations.

Visual art in any medium, causes an instant engagement, bringing that human connection to the most sterile and bland environments, because of the limitless creativity it embodies and inspires on a purely emotional level.

This is especially important in a corporate culture where the presence of visual art, like fine art photography has many benefits. This includes the customization that is possible with this flexible art medium, making it a budget friendly option for business space design.

Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art Canvas in Business Lounge

Introducing EHFA’s Art for Business service:

Art for Business services from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art (EHFA) offers to promote your corporate creative vision within your business or professional space with:

Custom Interior Art Solutions building a Cohesive Brand Identity

On Time • Within Budget • Exceptional Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

EHFA’s original fine art photography  is customized to suit your space and interior design to reflect your corporate brand, professional identity and values.

3 Tangible benefits from EHFA’s Art for Business services for your clients:
  • Engages your client visually, emotionally and improves client experience.
  • Creates a lasting impression of your brand and values in your business space or office area.
  • Advocates your corporate identity within your community.

It is your ACE card to promote your brand values and services. Why not use it to improve brand identity?

3 Intangible benefits from EHFA’s Art for Business services for your employees:
  • Aids creative thinking and problem solving among your employees.
  • Develops a reduced stress environment within your business or professional space.
  • Delivers a creative culture that improves employee satisfaction and productivity.

This ADD on is your future Return On Investment (ROI). Why not use it to improve workplace culture?

2 Step Art Purchase experience:

Art Consult – A guided purchase process to maximize the visual impact, within your budget.

Interior Art Plan – Customized solution for art display and installation in your business space or office area.

EHFA’s Art for Business service features:
  • Free Art Consult
  • In-depth Interior Art Plan
  • Art Solutions for all budgets
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Media Promotion included

Our goal at EHFA is to provide on time Interior Art solutions, within budget with exceptional customer service to give our clients a professionally guided art purchase experience.

Submit the Contact Form to get your Free Art Consult now and lets plan how to create engagement and connection with your clients in your business space.

Elizabeth Hesp is the Principal Creative Director & Fine Art Photographer of Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art (EHFA), based in Kingston Ontario Canada offering custom Interior Art solutions for residential & commercial design projects. Hesp a self-taught photographer, a lifelong artist and an entrepreneur, is passionate about advocating the integration of the fine arts with contemporary interior design to create inspired spaces.