Custom Interior Art from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art

Custom Interior Art. To complement any space. Completing your Design Projects.

Custom Interior Art

Art on the wall is a lasting first impression that leaves an indelible mark on our minds.

The Customization

Custom interior art is a suitable option when the original art is available in more than one size and in different mount and frame options. Fine art photography images are a flexible art choice for interior spaces because:

• The images can be printed on different media to deliver your design project’s final visual appeal.

• The printed images can be framed as per specifications for your design projects.

• The framed art can be easily customized to fit any wall dimensions and complement your space design.

An excellent choice for interior designers, architects and property owners.

The Process

At EHFA, the customization of interior art purchased for personal use or for your client’s design project, is taken a step further.

A Complimentary Art Consult, a guided purchase process, is offered to deliver the right artwork from EHFA Portfolio Galleries, displayed in the right size and framing options.

• This creates the central focus and a harmony of art and design in the space.

• Did we mention fine art photography being a cost effective solution for designing budgets too?

Let’s start the conversation about your art requirements for your project.

Custom Interior Art Applications

Custom Interior Art from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art

Corporate Art

Promoting a cohesive brand identity in corporate spaces.

Custom Interior Art as Healthcare art from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art

Healthcare Art

Complementing Evidence Based Design (EBD) in healthcare spaces.

Custom Interior Art as Hospitality Art from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art

Hospitality Art

Enhancing guest experience in luxury hotels.

Custom Interior Art as Residential Art from Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art

Residential Art

Creating the primary visual focus in your living space.

Custom Interior Art Pricing

Interior Designers • Architects • Art Consultants • Property Developers • Art Collectors

Since many variables are involved, pricing is project based. For a custom quote, send EHFA detailed information about your art requirements and budget with project specifications. The pricing depends on:

• Whether limited or open edition images are selected.

• What kind of media is chosen for printing image and the type of frame and mount.

• Whether shipping and installation is required.

It will be a pleasure to offer EHFA’s art and arts services for your next design or architectural project.